Orgonite Aquamarine Healing Pyramid

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Brody Morris
We love them

We just got them and put one or two per room and I can tell the area just feels a little cleaner or less heavy. The eye of raw has a more striking energy, each had its own personality in energy it seems. In a world where negative energies sap at you from many angles, it’s nice to have some “friends” in the energy world that give just a little bit of an edge to the more natural and calm side of life. Ultimately I know the positive comes from me, but they aid similar to how a tarot deck does. Enhances or helps the process along.

Shipping Issues

I bought it 14 days ago and it is still in the shipping process. No heads-up or what so ever about a potential delays. Obviously, i'm not in any rush to get it, but 14 days is a lot of wait without any warning from.the company about any delays.

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All the orgone energy generating devices that we sell are crafted by hand by skilled local artisans in India. At Orgonitesworld we make sure that our artisans use only 100% natural gemstones that have been revered across civilizations and generations for their amazing properties.

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