We have done with the first month of the new year and have stepped into the shortest month of the year. February is a month that offers a lot of possibilities to make our life successful. If we have the stone of February with us, we can make anything possible. So, what is the stone of February? It is Amethyst.

Amethyst is one of the best orgonite stones known to man. It possesses a lot of healing benefits and properties too. Amethyst is an important orgone energy generating stone that it has found its place in popular orgonite such as orgonite pyramid, crystal trees, and such. Owning orgonite made with Amethyst during February is highly beneficial, and it also provides you with the benefits that follow:

Protection from Negativity

Amethyst is a stone that boasts powerful protective properties. It helps shield the wearer from negative energies and evil. It also helps in protecting the wearer from psychic attacks.

Inner Peace

Being near orgonite pyramid or crystal trees containing Amethyst crystal can promote inner peace and harmony. It helps calm your mind and improve your focus so that you can experience peace and achieve what you crave.

Heals Chakras

In our body, there are seven chakras, which need to be in balance and harmony. When chakras are balanced, we can experience better health in body, mind, and emotions. Amethyst orgonite stone helps in healing the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. In other words, Amethyst opens our all-seeing eye and helps connect us with the divine and every living being.


Stress has become a part of our modern-day life. Stress at home, stress at work, wherever we turn to, whatever we do, stress follows us. Placing orgonite devices made with Amethyst in your work area and office helps in relieving stress from your mind and body.

Helps in Meditation

Focus is essential during meditation. Amethyst orgonite stone helps in improving the focus and concentration of your mind. Placing orgone energy devices made of Amethyst near to the space you sit for meditation helps in improving focus and better meditation.

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