Orgonite can be regarded as one of the best masterpiece inventions of man. It was Dr. Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychoanalyst, who first discovered orgone energy and built the orgone energy accumulator for helping people enjoy the benefits of orgone energy. Based on this device was the modern-day orgonite designed.

What is an Orgonite?

Orgonite is an orgone energy generating device. Orgonite devices are well known for converting low energy frequencies into higher energy frequencies that have a positive impact on all living beings, including plants and pets. Orgonite devices are often handmade, and molded into different shapes, including orgone pyramid, crystal tree, and more.

What is Orgonite made of?

The orgone energy accumulator that Dr. Reich had built was made of wood. However, modern-day orgonite devices are made of natural orgonite stones, metals, and other vibrative materials. Each material that these orgone energy generating devices are made of help in absorbing negative energies from our surroundings and converting them into powerful positive energies.

When it comes to orgonite devices, as a customer, you must make sure that they are using 100% natural and genuine orgonite stones. Orgonite stones have been used for their various healing and protective properties for many centuries. It is only when natural crystals are used that you will be able to enjoy their protective and healing properties.

Is Orgonite worth Investing in?

Now we come to the main question: is it worth investing in orgonite? Or should you buy an orgonite? Well, it is something you should decide on your own. All we can do is provide you with reasons that make you understand that orgone energy generating devices like crystal tree, orgone pyramid, and others are something that you ought to have in your life. The reasons are as follows:

  1. Shield from EMF Radiation - EMF radiation is all around us. It can be called a by-product of technological advancement, when smartphones, cell towers, wifi routers, computers, and other electronic gadgets became commonplace and a common sight. EMF radiation is harmful to the body and it can cause cancer and other health conditions. Orgonite helps in shielding us from the effects of EMF radiation by absorbing it and converting it into positive energy.

  2. Absorbs Negative Energy - We live in this world constantly surrounded by negative energy. Negative energies, thoughts, and emotions cause much harm to our body, mind, spirit, and emotion. The effects of negative energy include lack of focus and concentration, health disorders, mood problems, among many others. Orgonite devices help in absorbing the negative energy, convert them into positive energy and release it back to our surroundings so that we may stay healthy in body, mind, and emotion.

  3. Brings Growth and Success - Orgonite devices like crystal trees, which are also known as money trees, help in attracting wealth, success, fortune, and growth into our life. When you are looking for professional or business growth or wishing that your finances may be better, purchasing a crystal tree can be a better option. These devices can help you make better decisions that prevent losing money unnecessarily.

Where to Purchase Orgonite from?

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