Crystal trees are well-known for their property of attracting luck, fortune, and wealth, and the Seven Chakra Silver Wired Crystal Tree is no exception. It is an amazing orgonite device that has the added property of helping heal the chakras, along with creating opportunities that attract fortune and prosperity.

The Seven Chakra Silver Wired Crystal Tree is one of the best orgone energy generating devices that you can buy. The orgonite device is made of genuine orgonite stones as its leaves, silver wire for its branches, and trunk. Each material used for this crystal tree helps in generating positive vibes and healing you physically, mentally, and emotionally. The benefits of this tree include:

  • Balances the Chakras - Our body is believed to have 7 chakras, focal points through which orgone energy flows in our body. Each chakra should be aligned and in balance with the others in order for us to experience better health in body and mind. As chakras are associated with different body organs, any disruption in the flow of orgone energy will cause health conditions. The Seven Chakra Silver Wired Crystal Tree has seven different crystals, each for a chakra.
  • Generates Positive Energy - Our surroundings are filled with harmful negative energy. Negative energy affects our mood, the way we think, and even our work productivity. If we are unable to think properly, our work will be affected. The Seven Chakra Silver Wired Crystal Tree has natural orgonite stones that absorb the negative energy and convert them into positive energy.
  • Shields from EMF - We live in a technologically advanced world. We use smartphones, laptops, and many other gadgets in our daily life. These smartphones, cell towers, wifi routers, and other devices create EMF pollution and radiation. EMF can cause cancer and lead to many other health conditions. Seven Chakra Silver Wired Crystal Tree with its orgonite stones and other genuine materials helps in shielding you from the harmful effects of EMF.

These are some of the many benefits of the Seven Chakra Silver Wired Crystal Tree. This orgone energy generating crystal tree helps you stay healthy in body and mind. This orgonite tree can be purchased from Orgonitesworld for $34.99. You will get four tumble stones for free along with the Seven Chakra Silver Wired Crystal Tree. Shop from us now!

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