The summer is a season of possibilities and of better opportunities. Staying healthy during this season is also very important. There are many things that keep us physically healthy during the summer, but what about staying healthy in the mind and spirit? This is where orgonite stones play an important role.

Orgonite stones are known for their many exceptional properties, which include converting negative energies into positive energies, promoting the flow of orgone energy through our body and bringing success into our life. So, how can we enjoy these benefits in our life? By purchasing an orgonite device made with authentic gemstones, you can boost the flow of positive orgone energy and bring positive changes to your life.

With the summer season upon us, are there any orgonite stones that help us stay healthy in body, mind and spirit during this season? There are and let us introduce them to you.

Orgonite Stones for the Summer Season

Here are the orgonite stones that keep us healthy and energetic during the summer season:


Aquamarine is a popular gemstone known for its calming and soothing properties. The crystal is associated with the Throat Chakra, the chakra that persuades us to speak the truth. The gemstone is also associated with other properties including calming the mind, promoting harmony between body and mind, boosting psychic abilities and relieving stress from the mind. Purchase the Orgonite Aquamarine Healing Pyramid from Orgonites World to enjoy the benefits of the gemston.


Another amazing gemstone that is used in orgone energy generating devices is Citrine. Citrine is known to attract luck, wealth, and fortune into your life. Citrine helps heal the Solar Plexus chakra, known as the body’s power chakra. When the Solar Plexus chakra is not in balance, the energy flow will be disrupted, leading to tiredness and fatigue. Being near a Citrine orgonite can fill your life with energy while also bringing success into your life.


Moonstone is a gemstone known for its efficient soothing properties. It is also associated with the water element. Moonstone brings emotional balance and relief from emotional hurt. It also fills our surroundings with powerful positive energy and dispels all negative energy. Our Peach Moonstone Crystal Necklace brings the calming properties of the gemstone into your life.

Rose Quartz

Another orgonite gemstone known for its wide range of healing properties is Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz is known as the gemstone of love and it helps in opening your heart and mind to accept love and love others unconditionally. It also heals the Heart Chakra and balances it with the other chakras. When you are feeling lost and desperate, wearing a Rose Quartz Crystal Bracelet can help.
These are some of the amazing orgonite stones that can help you stay healthy and energetic in the summer season. For authentic orgonite devices, visit Orgonites World. We have an excellent collection of genuine orgone energy devices that help you enjoy a better life. Shop now!