How many times do you have felt stuck in life, felt that nothing is going your way despite whatever you do? These situations will be an effect of something traumatic that you have experienced in the past and chose to forget. These situations lead to the blockage of energy - orgone energy or other forms of life-force energy.

Energy blockages are not something that we can see but feel. When negative emotions and painful thoughts come flooding into our lives, we choose to ignore them, rather than face them. Ignoring the pain will hinder our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, and suppressing them will come to haunt us later. 

Sometimes in life, we ignore what we want and strive hard to help others get what we want. It is because we think that it is selfish to prioritize our needs over others. If we are postponing our needs, energy blockages tend to form in our bodies. Another reason for energy blockages is low self-esteem. Thinking that we are good for nothing ultimately makes us good for nothing. Negative energies and emotions start forming in our life.

Energy blockages have a negative impact on our well-being and so how can we heal them? The best answer is orgonite. Wearing orgonite pendants or placing orgonite pyramids in our home will help in clearing energy blockages. Orgonite devices are known for promoting a better flow of orgone energy by clearing all blockages.

One of the elements that orgonite devices are made of is crystals. Natural crystals and gemstones have been used from ancient times due to their amazing healing properties. The crystals are associated with different chakras and help in healing and balancing the chakras, which, in turn, removes energy blockages.

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