One of the orgonite stones associated with the month of June is Moonstone, a crystal known for a lot of benefits. Today, Moonstone is widely used to mould positive energy generating orgone devices, like orgonite necklaces. It is a semi-precious stone connected with the Moon's energies.

The Moonstone orgonite stone is available in plenty of colours and mostly differs only in their colour. The properties of all types of Moonstone are similar. Moonstone calms, soothes and brings emotional balance to its wearer. Wearing orgonite necklaces made with Moonstone helps you find inner truth and connect to the higher self.

The benefits of Moonstone orgone devices are many and let us check out some of them:

Chakra healing

Moonstone is well known for being an orgonite stone that heals your chakra. It is associated with the Third Eye and the Crown Chakras. The Third Eye is the all-seeing eye that connects you with all the other beings and the divine self. Moonstone balances the Third Eye chakra with the other chakras to promote the flow of orgone energy through the body.

Attract good fortune

Boost your business and wealth with orgone devices made from Moonstone. The orgonite stone can help prevent you from making decisions that will hinder your business success and cause financial losses. The gemstone helps you grow in your life and profession.

Boosts self-confidence

If you are facing serious confidence issues, then Moonstone is the crystal for you. Wearing Moonstone orgonite necklace can help you rediscover yourself, connect with your inner self and find your inner truth. It also balances your emotions so that your thinking is clear and composed at all times.

These are some of the amazing benefits associated with Moonstone, the super orgonite stone. You can enjoy the benefits of Moonstone in your personal and professional life by purchasing authentic orgone devices containing the gemstone. And Orgonites World is where you can purchase it from.

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