One of the greatest discoveries of man is orgone energy. Discovered in the early 20th century, orgone energy. is a form of life-force energy, similar to chi and prana. Orgone energy flows through our body, through the chakras, and it helps in keeping us healthy in body, mind, emotion and spirit.

The Chakras are focal points of energy. There are seven chakras in our body, each associated with a different part or organ in our body. The chakras in our body start at the Root Chakra, located at the base of our spine and end at the Crown Chakra, at the apex of our head. All the seven chakras should be aligned and in harmony, in order to experience better health.

Orgone energy is positive energy. However, we are living in a world that is polluted by EMF radiation and filled with negative energies and emotions. Staying healthy and having a positive outlook towards life is very difficult in these conditions. Dr. Wilhelm Reich, who first discovered the orgone energy and its many healing properties, built the orgone energy accumulator with the aim of helping the people be benefitted by this energy. The orgone energy accumulator is a bulky device, and it won’t help people be surrounded by positive energy all the time. The wish to be surrounded by positive vibrations all the time got man thinking and it paved the way to creating orgonites.

Orgonite are devices that are designed based on the principles and technology used by Dr. Reich in his orgone energy accumulator. Orgonite devices are handmade by artisans and orgonites contain natural gemstones, copper, resin, metals and other materials that generate positive vibrations. All these materials combine together to generate positive energy that benefits all living beings.

Orgonite devices come in many shapes, namely orgonite pyramids, orgone pendants, crystal bracelets, gemstone tree and so on. Being near these devices or wearing them against your skin can bring success, fortune and better opportunities in your life. Orgonite can be placed in your home or in your office for enjoying its many benefits.

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