Everything comes with an expiry date, be it two days, two weeks, two months, two years, or more. Everything made in this world has a time limit after which it becomes unusable. But what about orgonite devices? For how long will the energy and power of orgonite pyramid, orgonite pendant, and other orgone energy generating devices last?

These are questions that owners of orgonite devices and people wishing to purchase orgonite may have in their minds. Orgonite generates positive orgone energy, which is similar to the life-force energy that we also know as chi or prana. Life-force energy flows through our body, helping our organs to function smoothly, and keeping us in perfect health.

Orgone energy flows through chakras in our body, which are seven in number. The chakras are located in a vertical line, starting from the base of our spine to the crown of our head. Chakras should be in balance and harmony with each other if we are to experience holistic health. Orgonite helps heal, clear and balance the chakras and promote the flow of orgone energy.

Orgonite pyramids, orgonite pendants, and other forms of orgonite are made with natural crystals, metals, and other materials. Crystals have been used as items of protection from evil and for many other purposes from ancient times itself. Even many millennia after, we are still using them for their protective and healing properties.

Many owners have claimed their orgonite devices to function the same even after a decade. Orgonite absorbs the negative energy in our surroundings, converts them into positive energy, and releases it back to our surroundings. All the materials used in orgonite combine together to perform this function. The product itself, therefore, undergoes no degradation.

Even though the energy and power of orgonite devices do not diminish with time, you can recharge the devices for better performance. Recharging it using the sun or earth, or cleansing it but holding it under running water helps in removing the impurities that may have accumulated in the device. Cleansing and recharging orgonite helps boost its performance. Click here to know about the various ways to cleanse your orgonite device.

Orgonite lasts for many years, provided that you take better care of it. If you wish to purchase authentic handmade orgone energy devices like orgonite pyramid and orgonite pendant, visit Orgonitesworld. Shop now!

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