In this modern world, we are always racing against time for getting things done, be it work or personal. If we are not able to do things on time, stress and anxiety creep into our minds, further affecting our productivity. Orgonite stones are known for calming the mind and releasing stress and anxiety. Here are some popular orgonite stones that help relieve anxiety:



One of the most popular stones that go into making orgonite like crystal trees, Amethyst has some amazing healing and protective properties. Not only does the orgonite stone protect us from negative energies, but also generates positive energy around us. Amethyst helps promote the flow of orgone energy through the body. Being near the Amethyst stone helps release stress from the mind and calming it. Shop for our Amethyst products here.

Rose Quartz 


Rose Quartz is another amazing orgone energy generating crystal that boasts of many healing properties, including releasing anxiety and stress from the mind. It is the stone of self-love and it also encourages self-forgiveness. Orgonite made of Rose Quartz, like crystal trees, helps in believing in one’s abilities, own worth, and develop a sense of respect for oneself. Shop for our amazing collection of Rose Quartz products here.

Tiger’s Eye


Fear increases stress and anxiety and courage dispels it. Tiger’s Eye helps convert your fear into courage, which makes this orgonite stone one of the best busters of stress and anxiety. Tiger’s Eye also prevents us from thinking negatively about ourselves. Shop for our Tiger’s Eye orgonite devices here.

Black Tourmaline


Black Tourmaline helps in generating positive and pure orgone energy that transforms our life. This amazing orgonite stone prevents us from being affected by negative energy and converts those negative energies into positive vibrations. Having Black Tourmaline orgonite at your workplace can help you stay calm all the time and efficiently tackle all the challenges life throws at you. Shop here for our Black Tourmaline products.

These are some of the orgonite stones that help protect us from negative energy and alleviates anxiety from the mind. For authentic orgone energy generating devices and crystal trees visit Orgonitesworld. We have an amazing collection of handmade orgonite that fills your life with positive thoughts and energy. We provide free express shipping on all orders above $50. Visit now!

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