Abundance in life is when you enjoy plenty of everything. There are often times when we are in want of things and wished that we had some. Well, now it is time to stop wishing and start manifesting abundance in your life. Are you wondering how? Orgonite stones can make it possible.

It has been many millennia since orgonite stones have been used by humankind. In the early days, they were used as items of jewelry, and for professional and personal success. The people in ancient civilizations carried various orgonite stones with them for protection. Today, these crystals are used in orgonite devices like orgone pyramid, orgone pendant, gemstone tree, and many other orgone generator devices.

The benefits of orgone pyramid, orgone pendant, gemstone tree, and other orgone generator devices are many. Their primarily help in generating positive energy in our surroundings and shielding us from the harmful effects of negative energy. The orgonite stones achieve this by absorbing the negative energy and converting it into positive energy.

Each orgonite stone and orgonite device has its own set of unique properties. According to the color of the stones, the chakra to be healed is determined. They also help in shielding us from the harmful EMF radiation. Orgonite stones also help in attracting abundance in life. Let us check out those crystals:

Crystals for Abundance

Tiger’s Eye 

One of the best crystals known to man is Tiger’s Eye. It has a unique color and many wonderful properties. One of the benefits associated with Tiger’s Eye is attracting fortune, luck, and prosperity. Tiger’s Eye orgone pyramid, orgone pendant, and other devices are some of the most sought-after orgonite devices for attracting wealth and abundance in your life. Tiger’s Eye also helps your business to prosper and grow financially.

Green Aventurine 

Green Aventurine is known to be one of the luckiest stones. It helps open up better opportunities which attracts fortune and prosperity into your life. If you are looking for financial abundance, having Green Aventurine orgone pyramid beside you will help. Another wonderful property of Green Aventurine is that it helps in bringing back the money that you may have spent due to bad decision making.

Clear Quartz 

Another gemstone that brings abundance in your life by helping your business grow is Clear Quartz. Clear Quartz heals you by bringing clarity to the mind and balancing all the chakras. One of the best properties of Clear Quartz is that it amplifies the properties of the other crystals, especially the crystals that attract money. You can place Clear Quartz gemstone tree in your office or home for success.


Citrine is one of the most amazing orgonite stones that you can find. Citrine is also known as Merchant’s Stone and they help in promoting the flow of orgone energy by balancing our chakras. Citrine helps you make better decisions that prevent loss of money and achieve your financial goals. A wonderful golden yellow-hued stone, Citrine brings wealth, prosperity, and abundance in your life. It is also a stone that helps your business to be successful. In short, it is one of the best gemstones that can bring abundance in your life.

These are the orgonite stones that can hep your personal, business, and professional life to prosper and experience abundance of wealth and fortune. From Orgonitesworld, you can purchase orgone pyramid, orgone pendant, gemstone tree, and many other orgone generator devices made with these gemstones. Each of our handmade orgonite devices contain 100% natural and genuine gemstones. Shop them now at affordable prices. We offer free express shipping worldwide on all orders above $50.

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