It only has been a few years since orgonite have started to play an important role in each of our lives. However, even well before the worldwide popularity of orgone generators, orgonite stones were used in a variety of forms. Ancient civilizations were quick to understand the various benefits of orgonite stones and use them accordingly.

With the arrival of modern day orgonite, reaping the many benefits of each gemstone has become easy. You only have to buy orgonite like crystal trees and place them in your home or office and it will start working its magic. With authentic crystal trees, you can experience great changes in your life, in terms of health, wealth and energy.

If you are looking for the perfect orgone generator device that is best suited to provide your life with a plethora of healing properties and other benefits, check out the Clear Quartz Silver Wired Crystal Tree. This is one of the crystal trees that we at Orgonites World highly recommend to our valuable customers. So, what makes this orgone generator so special? Let’s check out!

Made of genuine Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is one of the most popular gemstones known to man. The orgonite stone is associated with the Crown Chakra, the seventh chakra in our body that connects our minds with all the other living beings and the divine. The Clear Quartz Silver Wired Crystal Tree uses 100% natural Clear Quartz crystals as its leaves, with silver wire forming its branches and trunk. 

EMF Protection

Staying safe from the harmful effects of EMF radiation is important if we want to experience better health. We are surrounded by EMF pollution, especillay with the wide popularity of mobile phones, cell towers, wifi routers and other electronic devices. EMF radiation can cause cancer and it is therefore very important to stay protected from it. The Clear Quartz Silver Wired Crystal Tree shields us from the harmful EMF radiation.

Generates Positive Energy

The Clear Quartz Silver Wired Crystal Tree helps in absorbing the negative energies in our surroundings and converting them into ;positive energy. The positive energy is released back into the atmosphere. So, keeping this orgone generator in our personal or work space can help us live and work better at all times.

Attracts Luck 

The Clear Quartz Silver Wired Crystal Tree is well known to attract wealth, fortune and luck into your life. Being near this gemstone tree helps you make better decisions that can prevent loss of money. Therefore, it can ideally be placed in your home or office. 

These are some of the properties that make the Clear Quartz Silver Wired Crystal Tree one of the most recommended crystal trees available at Orgonites World. This product can be bought for $29.99. Visit now to shop for authentic orgonite, orgone generator and other devices made with natural orgonite stones.