The importance of orgonite in today’s world is beyond what words can describe. Orgonite devices come in many forms, including orgonite pyramids, orgonite necklaces, and crystal trees. They are very powerful devices that help shield us from EMF and other negative energy while filling our surroundings with positive orgone energy.

Understanding orgonite pyramids, orgonite necklaces, crystal trees, and all other orgonite devices are important to realize how important a role they can play in our lives. This article is to help you know all about orgonite and how to care for it.

What is Orgonite? 

The orgonite is a modern-day device that boasts many healing and protective properties. Orgonites are known to generate orgone energy, a form of life-force energy. Orgone energy was discovered by Dr, Wilhelm Reich, who also made the first orgone energy accumulator device. It is based on this technology that orgonite are made.

What makes orgonite special is that it can protect us from various negative energy and radiation, including EMF radiation. EMF radiation increases our risk of developing cancer and other health conditions. Orgonite devices shield us from harmful EMF radiations and ensure complete health in body, mind, spirit, and emotion. 

What is Orgonite made of?

Authentic orgonite is made with 100% natural and genuine orgonite stones. One of the things you should check for while purchasing an orgonite device is whether the device is made of natural gemstones. Orgonite stones have been popular from the very old days as ancient civilizations had used them for a wide variety of purposes. 

Apart from orgonite stones, orgonite pyramids, crystal trees, and other orgonite devices also contain metals. The metal elements can help in absorbing the negative particles and energy, and convert them into positive energy. Together, the orgonite stones and vibrative metals can help in generating positive energy that heals and balances our lives.

How to Cleanse Orgonite?

Cleansing your orgonite necklace, orgonite pyramid, or crystal tree is important to make sure that they function properly. There are many ways to cleanse an orgonite, with the effective ones being:

  • Water - Water is one of the most effective elements that cleanses. The fact that we use water to clean ourselves is proof enough for the powerful property of water. To properly cleanse your orgonite device and wash away all impurities, let the water run over your orgone energy device for a few seconds. It helps in removing all traces of negative energy from the device. Ensure that you do not immerse orgonite devices in water for long periods.

  • Sunlight - Sunlight is warmth, sunlight is hope and sunlight is a great cleanser of orgonite stones. However, make sure that you do not leave the orgone pendant, orgonite crystal pyramids, gemstone tree, chakra bracelets for prolonged periods in the sun as it may affect the color and shine of gemstones

  • Sage or Incense - Sage and incense have been used as energy and mind cleansing elements for ages, across many traditions. Holding your orgonite device in the cleansing smoke of sage and incense will help remove all impurities and negative energies.

  • Let it touch the earth - To cleanse your orgone energy generating devices, you can place them on bare earth. The powerful healing and cleansing properties of the earth help clean orgonite and boost its energy healing properties.

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