One of the questions you may ask yourself while planning to buy orgonite is where to place them in your home. Orgonite devices generate orgone energy that influences all living beings and provides many healing benefits. Orgonite devices can be placed in your home and office but knowing where to place them is important for reaping the benefits it provides.

Living Room

The living room is one of the most important spaces in a home. It is where the family usually gets together, where guests are received, and so on. You can place orgonite pyramid or crystal tree on a table or shelf in the living room. It not only serves as a showpiece item but also clears the surroundings of negative energies. It also facilitates easy communication between family members and guests and improves relationships.

Work area

Orgone energy has the amazing property of opening the mind and boosting creativity. Placing orgonite like crystal tree in the room that you work in helps clear all mental blockages that hurt work progress. It also helps open your mind to think of new ways and possibilities that will help your organization.

Study Room 

Lack of concentration is one of the biggest problems that kids face. Placing an orgonite pyramid on their study table or anywhere in the room that your kids study in help boost concentration and focus. Your kids would be able to study well and score good marks.


The place where you rest and sleep, the bedroom will be one of your favorite rooms. Living in a competitive and fast-paced world, our minds are often filled with stress and anxiety that affects the quality of our sleep. Placing orgonite pyramid under the pillow or on top of our bed will help in calming the environment and boosting sleep.

    These are some of the areas in your home where you can place orgone energy generating devices. Always remember that wherever you place orgonite pyramid or crystal tree in your home, it should be places that you and your family frequent the most.

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